GPS certificated


For over 20 years, our customers have been the first priority for our company.

We are committed to giving them complete satisfaction, as this is essential to the progress, sustainability and success of our company.

Our company obtained its first ISO certificate in 1994.

Since 2011, Groupe GPS and its British subsidiary, GPS Ltd, has been ISO 9001 certified. In 2015, its German subsidiary, GPS Gmbh, and its French subsidiary, GPS SAS, have also been certified. In 2016, the scope of certification was extended to our subsidiaries in the USA, GPS LLC. In 2017, our Singaporean subsidiary, GPS Pte Ltd, was also certified ISO9001. At the present time the headquarters and all the GPS plants operate with a common standard of Quality Management System.

The implementation and development of our Quality Management System is based on the following values and commitments:

  • We guarantee our customers the optimum and consistent quality level of our industrial packaging and our logistics services.
  • We bring technical and business solutions in partnership with our customers and providers.
  • We take into account and answer any complaints from our customers and we seek to correct quality issues as early as possible and lower their costs.
  • We commit to respect social and environmental laws and regulations as well as the technical and industry standards in the countries where we operate.

To succeed in this rapid and constant improvement, GPS implement all human, technical, financial and organizational means in order for the Group and its subsidiaries to contribute effectively to the satisfaction of their customers and the sustainable development of the company.

A satisfaction survey organized in spring 2017 showed our capacity to meet customer needs: opinions expressed by our customers were very satisfactory or satisfactory. 100% of our customers would recommend our services.

In the steady development of our certification process, we always to try to improve our quality management system.