Pallet rental

Before changing over to metal crate leasing, the former Groupe GPS Company had extensive experience in the pallet industry.

If you cannot use our metal crates, GPS provides plastic pallets to carry your product. In the same way as for metal boxes, we transport our plastic pallets to our customers’ warehouses and collect them after shipment at their final users’ plants.

After an initial phase where we will use our experience in multi-way packaging to help you choose the best pallet to suit your needs, GPS will invest in the pool of pallets as appropriate. Thanks to our services, you do not have to make this investment, so you can save your capital to develop your core business.


We have a lot of experience and many partners in the world of pallets. It means that our partners have the best and most adapted product, made to last, at the most competitive price.

Pallet rental

We recycle our pallets

Unlike a one-way system, where the packaging is lost after being shipped to your customer, the pallet will be re-used, costing you less money and caring for the environment.

While the average company has difficulties getting the packaging back, due to small quantities or geographical separation of its customers, GPS is a specialist in return logistics and can collect the pallets easily, thanks to a large and well-connected network.

Our users also benefit from our track and trace system that is also in use for our pallet service.

Our service also relieves you from storage of the pallets, as we will deliver the product when you need it and your customers do not have to store the used packaging for a long period of time, or pay to destroy it.

Compared to other packaging strategies, our system is cheaper, more environmentally friendly, faster and easier. It allows you to focus on your core business.

If your company has already invested in its own pool of packaging, we can manage your supply and collections for you, thanks to our fleet management service.

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