Synthetic rubber

Our crates are used for synthetic rubber all around the world.

Our crates are used for synthetic rubber transport and storage all around the world. GPS has been a key player in the rubber sector from its early stages. After dealing with wooden bins for years, our company decided to evolve and to create metal boxes. Our company has grown with the rubber industry, bringing new ideas to our customers and understanding each point of the process.

Our bins dedicated to rubber have been made to house the bales perfectly and benefit from features that help our customers to use them easily.

They are particularly adapted to the following industries: pharmaceutical, plastic, tyres, automotive, etc.

GPS metal crates are highly appreciated by operators worldwide and used by the major players in the rubber industry. All four sides fold down to the ground or can be stripped off, which makes rubber bales easily removable; even the first layer.

Up to six levels of bales can be stacked into our boxes and the boxes fit 20ft containers perfectly. Thanks to our solution, you maximize the quantity of products shipped to your customers.

GPS metal crates deliver significant cost savings compared to 1000kg packaging. You can fit 36 rubber bales into our boxes, which means approximately 1260kg per crate.

Our bins are suitable for all rubber types: Butyl, BR, SBR, EPDM and many more.

GPS metal crates are fibre-free. There is no risk of contamination to spoil rubber in the mixing rooms.

Reusable, GPS leased metal crates free up the producers of the one-way packaging disposal.

The pooling system reduces waste and benefits the environment. Moreover, our customers do not have to invest in packaging, nor organize the collection of their own boxes.

Long life packaging ensures minimum demand on scarce environmental resources. Our bins are repaired and the logistics flows are managed efficiently, ensuring sustainability.

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