Metal box rental

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 GPS is a worldwide specialist in providing reusable multi-way packaging solutions for many industries. The GPS pooling system helps our customers to participate actively in the reduction of packaging waste and therefore, in the protection of the environment.

The metal crates are delivered to our partners’ facilities, they use and ship them, and GPS is in charge of collecting them from the end users’ plants. Our track and trace system offers you a tool to manage your packaging fleet rental.

We offer tailor-made rental solutions for the following sectors:

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metal box rental

A good price-performance ratio

Our metals are patented, well-known and approved by the key players in our markets. With a 1.5 cubic meter capacity and a size fit to fit 20ft containers perfectly, this is a strong transportation means for your product.
Benefits from the advantages of an IBC format packaging and more. Our bins are divided and delivered according to your needs.
Neither our customers, nor companies, their products, and their products. Our system also saves the necessary investment for a pool of packaging or one-way solutions.

The GPS lease concept allows customers to allocate their investments to their core business.
The GPS “pay per use” system includes the use of a pre-defined number of days, and a fixed rate. We also have adaptive models through which you can use as much as you like. This ensures cost variability, reducing the financial pressure of your packaging.

This concept is the effective cost alternative to costly one-way packaging. The “pay per use” rate increases the value of the supply of the customer.

What we bring to your packaging and logistics management :

  • Workforce saving
  • Space savings
  • Transport savings
  • No contamination risks
  • Better efficiency
  • Financial savings