History of GPS

GPS specialises in packaging rental and fleet management.


60 years in the packaging industry

From wood to metal

The story begins last century in the South West of France, where the Landes’ forest provided wood for many years. Groupe Arnaud was a major wooden crate and pallet manufacturer; one of the most important in Europe. Nowadays, GPS still belongs to Benoît Arnaud, who transformed the family business into a global company.


After more than 60 years in the wooden packaging industry, it was decided to create GPS (Global Pallets and Packaging Services) in 1994. The purpose of this move was to offer an alternative to one-way packaging, by promoting multi-way packaging services.

This solution presents several advantages :

  • economical : cost reduction for the producer and elimination of disposal costs for the final user
  • environmentally friendly : reduction of greenhouse gas emissions at the end of the packaging life cycle.


Track and Trace system

Adapting itself to the needs of the rubber industry, GPS decided to create metal bins that were stronger, and avoided the risk of contamination. GPS has grown with the industry, and the industry has grown with GPS, thanks to their mutual innovations.

Since then, GPS has designed different types of pallets and crates (in plastic, steel, aluminium) to fulfil customer needs.


Logistics platforms

We have also opened offices and logistics platforms across the world to be in the immediate vicinity of our customers. Covering all the markets from the United States to Asia, Russia, India, Europe and more, GPS bases its strength on its employees’ know-how and experience. With several industrial partners to support us in any area of the world, the network GPS has built allows us to be competitive, close to our customers, and close to their customers.

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