Fleet management

What if a company has already invested in its own pool and has to channel a lot of time and resources into managing it?

Thanks to our numerous local plants, our large end-user network and our strong experience of logistics, we are able to manage the collection and supply of your packaging for you.

With our worldwide local subsidiaries and our numerous partners, there is always a GPS collection facility near the required location. As our pool of metal bins and pallets is always on the move, we need to collect them from many different companies, including the big players in our business sector.

fleet management

How can we help with fleet management?

If a company already owns its own packaging pool, but has difficulties managing it, we can offer our services. More than just collecting and returning the packaging, we also improve the rotation rate. This way, our customers can have a smaller pool and a smaller amount of immobilized capital.

Our efficient track and trace system can be applied easily for any material. Therefore, we can run the life cycle of our partners’ own boxes or pallets and reduce the logistic costs, thanks to the economies of scale. Moreover, we can provide complete reporting about the packaging life cycle, giving details about the final users’ consumption of the carried product, their habits, the timing of their processes, the deliveries and the transit time…