Track and Trace System

GPS efficient track and trace system

Our solution includes a really efficient track and trace system. More than a logistics tool, it allows us to give you precise feedback and make it an important tool for your decision-makers regarding packaging management.

All our crates are equipped with a unique barcode, which is a system often used in the automotive sector and manufacturing, in accordance with international standards.


All our crates are scanned when they are received at our warehouses and when they are delivered to our customers. Our customers also use our barcode system to identify the different steps of their industrial processes.

To allow GPS to track their crates when shipping, the crate number must be linked to the unique ID number. GPS will then be able to follow each crate according to the shipping information supplied by the customer.

Our barcodes can be associated with information provided by the customer such as a consignee code, filling date, shipping date, batch number, product info, shipment number…

We can provide you with a detailed and personalized monthly report.

This system can also be adapted to plastic pallets or even to your own pool of packaging if you already have your own and prefer to choose to delegate your fleet management to GPS.

Thanks to our track and trace system, created by our research and development team, we can find out at any time where a crate is, because for our customers, every crate matters.

Our track and trace system is in line with the exigent process of improving quality that a lot of companies are now entering. It also helps our customers to improve the accuracy of the traceability of their product during the sourcing, storage and delivery of their product.