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Plastic pallets

The use of plastic pallets as a replacement for wooden pallets gives the opportunity to meet with new requirements coming from end- users who are confronted to the contamination risk that results from wood material or the previous use of the pallet.
These requirements are particularly perceptible in such industries as food, pharmaceutical and chemical.

The guarantee of good mechanical performance (durability, solidity) is obtained with the use of a multi-rotational pallet whose cost of using will remain competitive thanks to the exploitation of the GPS system of reverse logistics.
The economic benefits will grow when it becomes possible to make use of the pallet many times a year.

The low rate of wear and tear of a pallet or of destruction resulting from different kinds of shocks permits an important number of rotation cycles.
GPS takes shippers’ place to insure the pallets follow-up and the collection at the clients’ premises. The reverse logistics being GPS competency field is a part of the company’s activity.

GPS can provide its customer with different service alternatives:

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