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Synthetic rubber

Our crates are used for synthetic rubber all around the world.

They are particularly adapted to the following industries: pharmaceutical, plastic, tyre, automotive, etc.

GPS metal crates are highly appreciated by operators worldwide.
The 4 sides fold down to the ground or can be stripped off which make rubber bales easily removable, even the 1st layer.

GPS metal crates deliver significant cost savings compared to a 1000kg packaging.
GPS metal crates are suitable to all the rubber types: Butyl, BR, SBR, EPDM.
GPS metal crates are fiber-free. There is no risk of contamination to spoil rubber in the mixing rooms.

Reusable, GPS leased metal crates free up the transformers of the one-way packaging disposal.
The pooling system reduces waste and benefits the environment.

Long life packaging ensures minimum demand on scarce environmental resources.

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