Our rental solution

GPS specialises in packaging rental and fleet management.


GPS lease concept allows customers to allocate their investments to their core business.

The company GPS offers a service of renting of multi-rotating metal crates specifically designed for the packaging of synthetic and natural rubber but also for the packaging of fruit juices, automotive parts, etc. We support our customers throughout their logistics process.

Cycle of a GPS crate

  • Delivery of flat empty boxes to our customers
  • Organization of the logistics of returns of empty cases from the users (customers of our clients)
  • Washing and maintenance of boxes
  • New delivery to the next GPS client

Lease concept

GPS “pay per use” system includes the usage of a crate or pallet for a pre-defined number of days as well as the collection from final users at a fixed rate. This concept is the cost effective alternative to one-way and costly packaging. The “pay per use” price structure gives customers the advantage of using only the number of packaging they need and paying one predefined price per each packaging use thereby promoting supply chain efficiency. Moreover, GPS pooling system helps customers to participate actively in the reduction of packaging waste and environmental protection.

Management solution

  • GPS also specializes in managing the producers’ own packaging fleet. The services supplied are similar to the ones of GPS rental system except that the assets remain producers’ property
  • GPS optimizes the rotation of crates and pallets
  • We take away from our customers the need to keep track of their packagings,we will supply the detailed follow-up of each one of them.
  • We help our customers to switch to the advantages of multi-way packaging use