Natural rubber

Natural rubber producers

GPS provides natural rubber producers with an alternative to commonly used wooden crates and pallets.

The bins can be rented by industrial companies to contain their raw materials.

Our metal crates are suitable for natural rubber packing and transport worldwide for the following rubber types: Technically Specified Rubber (TSR), Ribbed Smoked Sheets (RSS), and Rubber Latex.

Metal construction makes it contamination-free for natural rubber users.

GPS reusable metal boxes are the most environmentally friendly packaging.

It allows forklift access from all four sides, providing greater handling efficiency. The four wide fold-down sides allow easy access to discharge products.

GPS has a pool of available crates in most regions of natural rubber-producing countries. We are used to dealing with the producers of this raw material and with the big players in the rubber industry.

Thanks to our special track and tracing system, we are able to offer you an accurate tool to manage your natural rubber sourcing.

GPS puts a lot of effort and attention into being as green as possible. Recycling our used water, using our track and trace system to optimize our logistics flows, offering an alternative to other means of packaging and helping our customers with their packaging fleet are a few of our actions.

Each time a GPS metal intermediate bulk container (IBC) is loaded, it generates cost savings for the producers compared to one-way packaging. The galvanized steel helps to prevent contamination and is easy to wash.

Our teams, located worldwide, can help you to organize your galvanized steel crate rental to ensure you easy raw material sourcing. We can bring our containers to producers’ plants, even in places that are difficult to reach.

If you are also interested in packaging for synthetic rubber, you can visit our page dedicated to this activity.

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