GPS - Global Pallets and Packaging Services

GPS expertise

Track and Trace system

Our aim is to minimise the rotation time to optimise the packaging usage.

The efficiency and availability of the packaging at customers' production plants is guaranteed by a full control of the movements. GPS developed a unique trace and track system recording every single movement. This ensures that we know their position at all times.

Each and every packaging is fitted with a unique bar code number or RFID tag. The numbers are read and recorded at strategic points and information is downloaded into a comprehensive database.

This helps us to manage efficiently the worldwide logistics of empty packagings thereby minimizing rotation rates and ensuring that they are available at the right place, at the right time.

Based on our track and trace system, GPS :
- keeps a record of constantly updated information of real time crates and pallets position
- arranges the collection by truck or sea container
- reduces the undue immobilization time

Thanks to this system GPS is able to share some regular reports with customers giving strategic information about customer base, packaging usage, rotation rates…

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